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Features Overview

Fast & flexible imports, enhance your product content all in one place
Product information management tools
Promotion management (promo codes, discounts, rebates)
Send your buyers digital orders, quotes and invoices
Purchase Orders
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Respond to direct orders, RFQs and RFPs on your own terms
Order approval workflow
Order capture by sales reps
Manage disputes and returns in one place
Give special pricing to your best customers - all confidentially and with strict visibility configurations
Set bespoke price lists per customer
Set business pricing & volume discounts
Provide fulfilment updates from Order Accepted to Delivered.
Search, filter and category options make it easy to be found
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How it works at Lemon

We’ve simplified the day-to-day business of selling and optimised tasks with the power of technology.

Set business pricing

Incentivise buyers with prices visible only to registered Lemon buyers.

Volume discounts

Offer tiered discount prices for buyers that prefer to purchase in higher volumes.

Complete control of the order process

Sell directly at set prices, or give buyers the option to negotiate directly with you.

Easily manage your catalogue

Easily to update and modify product details, mark out-of-stock items, set minimum order values, and run sales promotions.

Lemon makes it easy to showcase your products and highlight benefits in a slick, professional way.

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